Books I’d recommend

Because of my hatred of the phrase ‘critical thinking‘ I shy away from recommending many books to students, for the most part focusing on books that demonstrate rational thinking rather than teaching it.  I do make an exception for one ‘instructional’ book, that is the first on the list below:

How to Think Straight About Psychology – Keith E. Stanovich – Pearson (UK)

Keith Stanovich is a rare beast indeed, a leading cognitive psychologist who is a great teacher and can write in coherent English. This small book, now in it’s ninth edition, is a great summary of what I’m trying to achieve in the level 1 module I  teaching, and I use it as the recommended text for that module.

Flat Earth News – Nick Davies – Vintage

Before leading the Guardian’s coverage of the News International phone-hacking scandal Nick Davies produced this great book on how the modern newspaper industry works. It’s particularly good on how Public Relations material is often transferred straight into newspapers, and how little ‘research’ goes in to most newspaper stories.

Bad Science – Ben Goldacre – Harper Perennial

For readable demolitions of bits of  ‘dodgy’ science, you can’t beat Doctor/Journalist Ben Goldacre’s work. Students tend to find this book very approachable as they feel they know the author from his various appearances around the Net.  His ‘Bad Science’ website, which archives his columns from the Guardian is also an excellent resource


My 2012 Book of the Year Part 1 (Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman)


My 2012 Book of the Year Part 2 (How to Improve Your Mind by ‘Jim’ Flynn)

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