Lighthearted Introductions to Rational Thinking

17 Apr

One of the great difficulties in encouraging students to begin to think rationally, is that may have to unlearn some of the study strategies that have served them will b efore they arrived in HE.

In particular, it can take a while to get students out of  ‘accumulate and regurgitate’ mode and into ‘questioning’ mode. I have taken to showing a couple of lighthearted Youtube clips in the first of my level 1 lectures that do a much better job of explaining why ‘questioning’ and ‘science’ are important than I would even manage on my own.

The first is a clip from one of Dara O’briain’s stand up routines :

The second video is a TED Talk from Michael Shermer, the editor of ‘Skeptic’ Magazine:


BOth of these videos get across why what you are going to be teaching is important, but more importantly do it in a manner that will engage level 1 students

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